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“You will never know where life is going to take you. Without expectations, you have to let yourself be surprised”

With a lot of effort and sacrifices, Andrea left it all behind and started an adventure in New Zealand. No expectations of staying, just enjoying what he was doing and had always wanted.

New Zealand then opened its doors for her and invited her to stay. Andrea learned that life surprises you in very unexpected ways and difficult moments are necessary to make us make decisions that will lead us to better paths.

One day one thing led to another. I made the decision to do what I had always wanted, which was to travel, have the experience of living outside my country and learn something new; in this case a
new language.

Why did I decide to travel to New Zealand?

I needed an extreme change in my life, the routine was getting me down. So I simply said, I want to go to the farthest and most remote country, where I am forced to learn a language and is the least close to my culture to push myself to the extreme and test my limits and abilities. New Zealand ticked that and more.

My experience about culture and career opportunities

I managed to adapt because I gave myself the opportunity to give space to everything new, to enjoy everything unknown. Without fear, I ventured out to explore and meet new people from many cultures.

I was aware that we were all different, with different backgrounds and that helped me to be more empathetic. Always with the idea that every day was a new learning.

At first I looked for jobs in cleaning and hospitality because I thought they were the only options due to my time and language limitations. But one day looking for a job as a dishwasher, my resume reflected my experience as a designer and I ended up hired as a Graphic Designer and that's how I went from being an English student, straight to working in my profession.

one last thought

The first step is to make the decision. It's scary of course, but if you don't you'll never know if it was worth it. The important thing is to enjoy and accept what life puts us in the way because everything is part of our growth.


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